A Stair Lift Keeps You in YOUR Home

It’s difficult to carry an elderly or disabled person up and down the stairs. No matter how strong you think you are to carry them there is always the danger of falling down the stairs, causing injuries. This is where stair lifts are a boon. A stair lift is used to lift people and transport them from one floor to another. A stair lift is also known as a chair-lifter or stair glider. 

Stair Lift Installations

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“My Stair Lift kept me in my own home after I fell. I can’t tell you how much the stair lift has changed my life for the better. I even use it to carry clothes up the stairs!”

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Benefits of a Stair Lift

1) They keep your loved one in their own home safe and comfortable.

2) They provide independence to seniors and the disabled.

3) Use of a stair lift is easy.

4) Most Stair Lifts run on 2 – 12V batteries, therefore they can even be used in a power failure.

5) They are more cost effective than an elevator.

6) No major modifications to a stair case are required.

7) The seat and foot petal fold out of the way to allow normal access to the stairs.

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What to Look for in a Stair Lift

The first item you must consider is do you have enough space and are the stairs wide enough to install a stair lift. Many very old homes have narrow stairs to the basement and this can be a problem. A possible solution is to stand on the platform while you are being transported. A few manufacturers offer this solution.

When buying a straight or curved stair lift, you need to check for the following features:

• Comfortable padded seating & back rest

• Fold up seat, foot rest & arms

• Safety belt and sensors

• Diagnostic Digital Display

• Remote controls

• Directional paddle switches

• Lockable on/off switch

• Lockable swivel seat

• Battery powered

• Warranty

In addition to all above features, the outdoor stair lift must also possess:

• Waterproof equipment

• Waterproof cover

• Weather resistant

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