Maintenance: What do I have to do to keep a Stair Lift Running?

Maintaining a stair lift consist of three main areas:

1) Keep it CLEAN!

When maintaining a stair lift the first to do is keep it clean. Because it is on the floor and steps (usually over carpet) it picks up dust and dirt. Dirt and degrade the ride of the stair lift chair. Over time it will become bumpy. Wipe down the track to remove any dirt at least once a month. Lubricate the gear track with a metal to metal lubricant (i.e. brake pad lubricant). This will be messy to have a rag at the bottom of the track to catch any excess lubricant. Contact the manufacturer for any questions.

Sometime the charge station plates will make a squeek sound when the chair comes in contact with it. Spray furniture polish on the contact plates (let dry) and the squeek should go away.

2) The chair needs to be examined regularly for any repairs.

Visually check over the chair and the track for any connections that look loose. Check the wires to see if they are frayed or broken. See if any of the bolts on the track are loose and tighten if necessary.

3) Keep the battery Always Charged (usually in the charge station at the top or bottom).

Most modern (in the last 5 years) stair lifts use 2 gel batteries as the primary energy source for the motor. The type of batteries that are used in a stair lifts are the type that like to be charged. Do not turn off the battery charger. If the batteries go dead (not charged), they will not come back and have to be replaced.

After a while (i.e. 2 – 4 years depending on care and upkeep), the stair lift will start to go up the steps very slowly. When this happens it is time to change the batteries. A dealer should do this.