Types of Stair Lifts

There are three different types of stair-lifts: straight, curved and outdoor.

a) Straight stair lifts: They are suited for stairs that have no bends.

Pros: They are cheap and easy to install.

Cons: none.

b) Curved stair lift: They are suited for stairs which have curves or bends in its structure.

Pros: Custom-built to suit the customer’s requirement.

Cons: They are costly and time-consuming, because the curved stair lift has a lot of customization and is installation is not easy.

c) Outdoor stair lifts: If you have stairs leading up to the house or stairs in your backyard, this type of stair lifts are used.

Pros: provided easy access to and from the house. It is easy to install.

Cons: weather-proofing is a must.

The choice of the type of stair lift depends on type of stairs in your home. The stair lifts are available for narrows stairs as well.